Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Working Backwards

New entrepreneurs seeking funding from angel investors often appear surprised by the multitude of considerations and requirements they must satisfy to get funded. If they can keep both the big picture and the details in perspective, the puzzle is not so difficult to solve.

Working backwards from the investors' requirements and preferences one can create a proposal that will "sell" provided that all the underlying reasoning, projections and plan are supported and convincing. Conversely, if you cannot make a credible case that your venture meets the investors' criteria time may be better spent seeking other forms of financing.

You can navigate the roadmap below opening  and closing various branches to look into the details and reasoning behind them, or hide them to stay focused on specific HOW and WHY of various aspects of the problem.

I am experimenting with this method of communication. It allows you to switch between details and summary views.  Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Is this method effective for you or not? In either case why? Thanks Email me