Monday, March 5, 2012

Knowledge Navigator Market Research

Welcome to my Market Research project.

This page is designed to seek feedback from potential users using minimum function prototypes of my patent pending tool called Knowledge Navigator or KnowNav™.Roadmaps

KnowNav™ was developed on the following premises which, with your help, I am trying to validate:
  1. Since the publication of In Search Of Excellence (Tom Peters) in the early 80's, countless business managers and  professionals have desired (or are pressed by employers and clients) to read many best-practices business books. Because of lack of time, countless books are bought to be read ASAP but remain unread.  (Question 1: Are there enough such people to constitute a MARKET?)
  2. For these professionals, not keeping up with reading creates a discomfort of not knowing what one thinks they are expected to know and to be able to articulate. ( Question 2: Is their need strong enough to be a PAIN that they would pay to fix?)
  3. Is KnowNav, as presently prototyped, or suitably modified, a tool that can relieve a significant pain in the market (Question 3)? In your view what are its benefits if any? What the limitations?  How would you fix them? Does the pain perhaps not exist at all? Is the potential market so small not to make it worth bothering with?
The objective of KnowNav are:

  1. allow a Time-pressed professional to navigate the concepts within a best practice book or ebook with minimal effort and to drill down into greater detail all the way to original paragraphs or to the complete book.
  2. enables spending time reading only sections of interest and in the order that appeals to the reader not as sequenced by the author.  This strategy seems appropriate since most of these books are short on new unique insights and long on repeated common knowledge. 
  3. structured presentation ideally will facilitate an organized and competent repetition of the knowledge acquired. 
  4. marketing of books by sellers (e.g. Amazon) by offering better insight of the books for sale (first two layers of the map)

Below are early prototypes, not final products, for the limited purpose of generating feedback

KnowNav™ Roadmaps of published books:

Nail It Then Scale It  by Paul Ahlstrom and Nathan Furr  (partial prototype with inactive links to the ebook)
The E-Myth Revisited  by Michael Gerber
Mastering The Rockefeller Habits, The One Page Strategic Plan  by Verne Harnish

KnowNav™ Roadmaps of knowledge domains that I developed to mentor entrepreneurs

Working Backwards (into an angel investor pitch)

More information about my development of KnowNav™ Roadmaps is available at my blog

Your comment, preferably by phone (602-325-3213) or in person would be most appreciated.:
Thank you for your time and help

               Marco Messina

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