Thursday, April 21, 2011

Learning to dance

Ballroom dancing is not an innate skill. Most people have to learn the basic technique that most other dancers are likely to use because it is the shared knowledge that makes possible for two near-strangers to move in step and unison on a dance floor. It often pas to learn it before stepping on the dance floor with a new date, or a new in-law at one's wedding.
The same can be said of learning to deal with investors. It is not an innate skill, although, as in dancing, some have an easier time than others. Learning the skills and preparing the relationships before being in a hurry to close a funding deal is likely to help the entrepreneur find a better match and a smoother dance when the time comes. Like in dancing it goes both ways, investors too can gain by being open to meeting not-yet-ready but up-and-coming entrepreneurs.
The following post says it well. Take a look.
If you can't buy your investor a beer, don't take their money - Sachin's Posterous
Shall we dance?

Marco Messina

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